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Yacht Broker Jim St. Julien

Biography of yacht broker Jim St. Julien

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Yacht Broker Jim St. Julien

Yacht Broker Jim St. Julien Jim was born in Louisiana and grew up in New Orleans. He comes from a background of both the Aviation and Marine environment. Jim's father was a pilot for Delta and his grandfather owned a marina in South Louisiana. Jim was driving small inshore crew boats with oilfield workers during his summers when he was only 12 years old.

Jim's first career was as a pilot which he did for over 20 years. That would have continued but a 5 minute phone call changed that back in the 90's. A very high profile yacht owner hired Jim to be Captain of his 130' yacht and he has been in the yachting world ever since.

Jim has been involved in almost all aspects of the yachting world, as a working captain/engineer and numerous refits as a project manager. He has the experience to provide sound advice to his clients and the service doesn't end after a sale, it is only the beginning.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
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